How a distributed European team used Saint Rock Media for a virtual workshop

About: The European Federation of Churches for Christ headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland focuses on training curriculums for missionaries in Berlin, Brussels, Milan, Paris, Prague and many other European countries.
Challenge: Each year the program hosts a number of international speakers from The United States, West Africa, Canada, Western Europe, etc. With the travel restrictions held by many countries, this made these training programs more difficult. As a follow-up to Quarantine Church Con, EFCC invited Saint Rock Media to produce a workshop for their 10 churches.
Solution: Saint Rock Media designed a curriculum and used Hopin’s platform to host the 10 churches with a dedicated breakout room for each church to workshop amongst themselves during the event and recorded the program for on demand training.
Results: All 10 churches participated in the training and received personalized audits during the 4 hour workshop with speakers from across the US. There was a 100% attendance rate and EFCC has booked another training in three months.