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A world of new opportunities

We believe NFTs are the building blocks to fully immersive internet. In 2021 NFTs exploded in popularity as artists all over the world realized the value of smart contracts and moved to selling their art on the blockchain. There is no hiding the market is volatile but we are still in the early days. NFTs are more than just tokens with value, they are a means to selling the future.

Build for Diamond hands


NFT projects require a HODL mentality. This is not a short term project.

NFTs work on multiple levels, adding brand value while laying the foundation for community economy


In partnership with BlerDCon, we created the Blerdpass NFT. We used this opportunity to educate attendees on NFT’s and how to sign up for the free mint. A total of 2222 tokens were minted in a record time of 24 min.  Token holders are guaranteed a spot on our waitlist for the 5,933 NFT collection coming this fall. 



24 Min

to sell out

Our Offering

Education & Consulting

We offer a 4 part incubation workshop to help you get set up for your first NFT project. During the workshop we will cover everything there is know about the world of NFTs, including crypto and the metaverse.

Supplemental Developement

You're busy with a project but need help with certain areas.

  • Technical
  • Creative
  • Strategy
  • Marketing

Full Send Partnership

We work with you from planning to lift off and beyond.

  • Community Building
  • Creative Development
  • Blockchain selection
  • Marketing Strategy

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Building New Worlds

Into The Metaverse

Bring your NFTs to life with your own gallery

We will help design, build and launch your virtual space for you to showcase your collection