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Apply to become a Saint Rock Media partner to expand your technical capabilities while enjoying the ease of transparent pricing with benefits that increase with your volume of events. Our global, collaborative working model brings you access to highly skilled and talented production professionals that are ready to work with you on your next event.

Partnership Benefits


Access to multiple event platforms


Join our Community of event organizers


Transparent Pricing: Once you’re a partner, the pricing stays consistent for a calendar year


Access to a global team in multiple time zones


Capabilities include: virtual, hybrid and in person events


Access to world class logistics, creative, and technical teams


Innovative and Cutting Edge Strategies to set your event apart


By partnering with Saint Rock Media, you enjoy more benefits than you’d expect. Since the start of 2020, we have produced over 200 events, from virtual camps to international conferences. We continue to finesse and polish our processes to ensure our clients receive a memorable and engaging experience. Our passion for events and technology makes us the production company that you want to partner with for your clients. As our platform partner, you’ll enjoy the benefits of co-branded marketing and a host of creative professionals who will ensure that the events using your platform are professional and polished.


Average NPS score


Average attendance rate


Events hosted on Hopin


Hybrid events are the new normal and we are the production company that has taken the challenge and excelled in producing outstanding and interactive hybrid events. If your venue is ready for hybrid events or you’re curious about what it takes to be a venue partner and host high-quality professional events, we want to meet with you.

Join our network of venues that look toward the future.

Showcase Hopin x Marriott x SRM Case Study

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